TC GAME Bonuses and Agent Salary System Daily



Using your own Referral Link

TC GAME Bonuses and Agent Salary System is a new way of earning through your own referral link is the primary way to boost your income as TC GAME Agent. By sharing your unique referral link, you can invite new members to join our platform and enjoy a rewarding bonus structure.

How it works:

Referring Members: When you refer a minimum of 1 to 10 members to TC GAME, you’ll have a safety net to ensure earnings. For each member you invite, you’ll receive a generous bonus of 150 Rupees.

Note: To be eligible for this bonus, each member you referred must complete a minimum first recharge of 300 Rupees.

Bonus Tiers

As you continue to refer more members, your earnings per invite increase significantly. Here’s a breakdown of the bonus tiers:

  • 1-10 Referrals = 150 Rupees per invite.
  • 11-30 Referrals = 160 Rupees per invite.
  • 31+ Referrals = 180 Rupees per invite.

Sample Computation

Let’s say you’ve successfully referred 15 members to TC GAME as Agent, and each of them has completed their first recharge of 300 Rupees on the same day. Here’s how your earnings would look:

All 15 Referrals (11-30 Referrals Tier) = 15 x 160 Rupees = 2400 Rupees

Total Earnings: 2400 Rupees

Note: Your earnings will be automatically credited to your account for the next day after the day ends.

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Becoming an Agent or Partner

Becoming an agent with TC GAME unlocks a world of opportunities for additional income. Below are the steps and sample computation that you can unlock as extra earning potential.

TC GAME Agent Bonus

How it Works:

To qualify for the Agent or Partner system, you should have gathered a minimum of 5 to 9 active bettors who engage in betting activities on the same day.

Bonus Tiers:

  • 5-9 Betting Members = 350 Rupees (Daily Bonus)
  • 10-19 Betting Members = 700 Rupees (Daily Bonus)
  • 20-39 Betting Members = 1200 Rupees (Daily Bonus)
  • 40-59 Betting Members = 2800 Rupees (Daily Bonus)
  • 60-79 Betting Members = 4300 Rupees (Daily Bonus)
  • 80-99 Betting Members = 6500 Rupees (Daily Bonus)
  • 100-124 Betting Members = 8500 Rupees (Daily Bonus)
  • 125-149 Betting Members = 11000 Rupees (Daily Bonus)
  • 150-199 Betting Members = 13500 Rupees (Daily Bonus).
  • 200+ Betting Members = 25000 Rupees (Daily Bonus)

Note: Your bonus amount will be determined based on the system’s count of how many bettors you have on a given day.

Daily Payout: The salary for the “Effective Betting Bonus” will be credited to your account the following day.

This bonus serves as a rewarding incentive for agents who have successfully attracted and retained active bettors within their network. It offers an additional income stream based on the activity of your invited members, making it easier to understand for our Indian readers.

Earning a Commission

Besides becoming an agent, there’s another way to increase your earnings as a TC GAME Agent —by earning a commission. This method is different from “using your own referral” and operates on a commission-based structure that resembles a pyramid. You’ll earn a percentage (%) based on the betting activity of the members you’ve invited, regardless of whether they win or lose.

How it Works:

When you invite members to TC GAME, you become their referring agent.

As these members bet on the platform, you will earn a commission based on a percentage of their betting activity. This commission is a reward for your efforts in bringing in potential bettors.

Percentage Earnings:

The percentage you earn will depend on your position in the referral pyramid and the activity of the members you’ve referred. The more active bettors you have in your network, the higher your potential earnings.

NOTE: To find out the specific percentage chart, you can proceed to the game’s platform and click on “PROMOTION.” From there, select “Invitation Rules” to view the detailed chart.

No Betting Outcome Restrictions:

You will earn a commission whether the members you’ve referred to win or lose. Your earnings are tied to their betting activity, providing you with a steady source of income.

Track Your Earnings:

You can keep an eye on your earnings by visiting the game platform. Click on “PROMOTION” to access comprehensive information about your total members and total earnings.

Earning a commission with TC GAME as Agent, offers you a straightforward way to boost your income by harnessing the betting potential of the members you’ve introduced to the platform.

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